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Want to know what to expect when you place your project with Capri Building Group? Although every build is unique, there are 8 steps that we work through with every client:

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  • Your initial consultation

    Initial Consultation

    At our first meeting we’ll chat about the vision you have for your new home and we’ll give you our assessment of your land layout or any existing structures so our advice is specific to your requirements.

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  • Price Indication

    Price Indication

    Following our first meeting, we consider all information to give you an indication of our expected project cost. This enables us to start working towards milestones, budget allocations and expectations.

  • 3
  • Concept drawings & preliminary building proposal

    Drawings Proposal

    Our designers work with you to develop your building plans (or if you have existing plans they’ll work through them with you to make any changes you might like). Since it’s your home, it’s no surprise that you are involved every step of the way until you are completely satisfied with the design and our preliminary building proposal.

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  • Online Access

    Online Access

    From the moment you select Capri Building Group as your builder, you’ll get access to all of your project information through our online portal and mobile app. This is the central knowledge base for your build, where you can access all of your project details, product selections, schedules, milestones and cost information.

  • 5
  • The fine detail stage

    Fine Detail

    Our designers work with you to select and confirm all of the materials you want for your home. Depending on your budget, we’ll show you a range of options that you can choose from, or simply let us know if there is something specific you’d like.

  • 6
  • Construction drawings & building approval

    Approved Drawings

    Construction drawings are completed and together with the Engineers plans, are submitted to Council by our Building Certifier so all of the necessary building approvals can be obtained. During this time you can still make any final material selections but at the end of this stage we expect to accurately cost your project so we can give you a formal fixed price building contract.

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  • Building process

    Building process

    Throughout every step of the build process, we work closely with you so you can enjoy a seamless process from concept right through to completion. Our rigorous project management system means that we meet every scheduled milestone and our contract manager makes sure that we meet all of the contract conditions and most importantly continue to guide you through every aspect of the build to ensure you enjoy building your dream.

  • 8
  • Practical Completion

    House Completion

    The final stage is where we get to show you through your amazing new home. This is our favourite part because we demonstrate all of the features throughout your home – we even turn on all of the appliances so you can see they work. We also provide you with our 6.5 year structural warranty and we’ll stay in touch with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied and love your new home.